Global Underground

Global Underground

John Digweed


The swell people at Thrive Records feel concerned that we, the consumer, don’t quite understand the incredible art or craft of the DJ. In helping us to get a grip, Thrive has hatched a series of recordings to demonstrate the subtle nuances and bold prowess that all the elite DJs possess. The Global Underground series avoids external forces that undermine the true talent and rededicates itself in pursuit of the purest form, the craftsman himself. Digweed has long been known as a master of the harder, trancier style as this two disc set will remind you. This is Digweed sans Sasha. This is Digweed melting mix after mix into vapor. This is Digweed convincing doubters. It is all here for you. Partake and embrace. Digweed and the rest of the upcoming series puts Thrive Records very high on the food chain!

Thrive Records, 7750 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046

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