I Am Spoonbender

I Am Spoonbender


Gold Standard Laboratories

The robots have taken control of the mix, and they’re spies too, possibly with otherwordly help via seance. Basslines slither through songs filled with synths and noises and odd sounds, groovy, spooky, and technical like a mixture of James Bond and Isaac Asimov. Not dance music, but rather interesting songs that make you want to move a little. Great rhythms and atmospheres approached from unusual angles resulting in music with a distinct, fascinating quality about it. Judging from the liner notes, this is a bit of a project, with some stuff recorded in Vancouver and the rest in San Francisco. Whether it was done by driving, flying, or post, the end result was totally worth the effort.

Gold Standard Laboratories, P.O. Box 11794, Berkeley, CA 94712-2794; http://www.iamspoonbender.com; Distribution: http://www.bottlenekk.com

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