Josh’s Blair Witch Mix

Josh’s Blair Witch Mix

Various Artists

Chapter III

The Blair Witch Project people are getting major buzz, the kind other companies spend millions of dollars to achieve, and all it cost them was nothing but their wits. By throwing just about every accepted artistic cliché out the window, The Blair Witch Project has managed to accomplish what nine-figure budgets have failed to do: intrigue people into seeing a film. Sharing the film’s unconventional approach is all of the collateral material I’ve seen — TV special, web site, etc. — which builds on the film rather than borrowing and recycling. Josh’s Blair Witch Mix is reportedly a cassette found on missing student (and BWP protagonist) Joshua Leonard’s car stereo. Josh was into some spooky music — Skinny Puppy, Type O Negative, Laibach, the Creatures, Bauhaus, Front Line Assembly, Tones On Tail, more. If you’re going out to look for evidence of supernatural legends in the forest, this will definitely put you in the mood. Personally, I’d stay in the car listening to this.

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