June of 44

June of 44


Touch and Go

Excitement followed by disappointment, not a pattern I would have ever expected to relate to June of 44. I still hear a lot of things I like on here, but the vocals totally ruin it for me on some songs. There were moments I had to stop myself from getting up and turning it off. I did not want to listen to this anymore. The vocals just grated on my nerves — so off-key. What happened to their singing?! Even now, I just have to skip tracks. On the positive side of things, there are some songs without the vocal problems. These are gold. I wish I could get a copy of the recordings before they added vocals to certain tracks, because the music still interests me and hooks me in: the smart rhythms, fluid bass, deft guitar, the horns, the vibes, the way they make so many different elements interlock so well. It’s just a shock to hear something uncharacteristically bad in the mix from a band you respect. A shock to have an album from them that I will never listen to all the way through. A shock to see one of the leaders slip a little. Approach with caution.

Quarterstick Records, P.O. Box 25342, Chicago, IL 60625

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