Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate


Metal Blade

Full-on classic Mercyful Fate. Ultimate metal screamer King Diamond and crew may be getting older, but like all true metal bands, they’re keeping a steady course.

And keeping with Mercyful Fate tradition, 9 is unbridled Satanism put to music. Some of it is “third person,” which means, mom and dad, that it’s simply story-telling (“Church of Saint Anne,” “Sold My Soul,” “House on the Hill”). The remainder of the album is pretty much frontman King Diamond’s personal manifest of a “love” for the Devil. A bitter song about dying, “Last Rites,” a “hell” of a mosh-along, is perhaps more of a praise of atheism: “…I don’t believe in heaven, I don’t believe in Hell/ So save your god for someone else/ Or save him for yourself…” “Burn In Hell,” another ass-kicker, mocks those who will burn with “….Jesus and Satan, hand in hand/Leading you down the stairway to the damned/No more pearly gates for you/Eternal flames wound’ring who is who…Ahhh.” I’m reminded of the Jack Chick tract “The Contract,” as this song seems to rip apart the idea that God will weigh a person’s deeds, regardless of faith, upon death. Brrr!

Oh, no, Tipper Gore is entering my body! [In shrill voice] Parents! Look out for songs like “The Grave” and “Kiss the Demon.” They offer instructions for new ‘initiates.’ [Bob Larson, traveling in his astral body attacks Tipper.] “C’mon, Tipper, baby, let’s you-and-me -and Al- get together at my palatial mansion in Denver and write another book!”

Whew! They’re gone, but I’m going to be careful about playing any Mercyful Fate from now on!

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