Tommy Boy

There’s a market for sexy sultry mellow female vocals on beats and drum n’ bass (ask my muchacha), but for some reason, shitty singers are usually pulled into the studio to cut the tracks. Such is the case with MOA. It is not that she is a bad singer, but her voice is just too… plasticky. Her voice is, well, odd. I mean, it is rare that the actual timbre of a singer’s voice actually grates me so, but MOA just isn’t down enough. Her voice is neither sophisticated, nor childish… it is stuck in the middle, whining and cooing all the same time in a nauseating fake funk.

The music behind her is decent for the most part (with the exception of track 8’s shameless disco) — drum n’ bass, mellow break beats. Too bad her bad lyrics and artificial vocal chords get in the way.

Tommy Boy, 902 Broadway, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10010

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