I enter the funkiest underground realm I’ve ever imagined. Psychotic cyberpimps chatting tribal while sipping drinks of Barbasol from a jar with Herbie Hancock’s brain in it. This is warped funky-assed jazz Fusion 2000 and it delves deep and rocks hard. Some of the truest funk I’ve ever heard combining styles from the late Sixties, Seventies, Eighties Electro, and Nineties CyberAmbiance. Organs, horns, percussion, computers, ALL combining in a swirl of majestic grooves.

Track one, “Pimba,” sets it solid, displaying the core of this funky eclectica. “Unit 66” goes ballistic on your white ass, meshing hardcore freestyle with a computer generated bass riff sounding like…psycho techno. Parts of this track sound like P-Funk in a blender on FRAPPE baby! Heavy effects and deep deep cuts make this a bloody mess! “Naugahide” hints at dub, as mellow as the plastic cow himself. Track four has some rather embarrassing samples, but does better once the jam fest begins. “Ponga Amore” is a fat motherfucker!

Ponga is a heavy combo laying out some swanky thick jazz grooves fronting a bed of complex, affected, intertwined electronic vibes. The live combo is smart. The noise and electronica puts the jam on the toe. Don’t get any preconceived ideas here, this is not like some BIG BEATS or TECHNO with jazz players sampled on top, this is a funky assed bad rabbit mix of music that is played in an incredibly slick sphere.

Ponga is definitely one of the freshest, fattest, most inventive combos today. They are helping launch the new breed of fusion into the next fucking century with so much energy on this disc you’ll need to take a nap after listening. BUST THIS OUT if you wanna be down.

Loosegroove, 2508 Fifth Ave., Suite 110, Seattle, WA 98121; http://www.loosegroove.com

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