Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus

Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus

Rastafari Dub

Reachout International

Originally recorded in Jamaica circa 1972 on vinyl only, a true classic, Rastafari Dub , has resurfaced on disc for the rest of the world to appreciate and enjoy.

“Earth Music,” as it is referred to, has its foundation deep in the heart of traditional African roots and culture. Ras Michael embraced this life of a Nyabinghi Rasta and the rhythms that celebrate Jah. Ras Michael has resurrected the chants and burra drumming of his ancestors and brought them to a modern world.

A renowned drummer, Ras Michael recorded with various artists throughout the sixties and seventies. He managed to release several of his own works in the meantime which were mainly long, extended tracks. Rastafari Dub is one of these works. Hailed as a landmark for dub, the product was a fusion of drums and chants from the hills and the electronics of the studio.

The top artists in reggae also joined in to complete the “celebration”. Peter Tosh is featured on both guitar and clavinet, Earl “Chinna” Smith assists on guitar, both producing chunky licks with funky wah-wah undertones. The master, Robbie Shakespeare, lays down his signature bass lines while the funde piano, flute and synthesizer weave around the beat.

There are eight songs featured which average about five minutes per song, relatively short by Ras Michael standards. Each is a masterpiece, crafted with a personal immersion that sets it apart from nearly anything I’ve ever heard. …This is from the core…this is a spiritual emanation…this is dub without the techno bullshit… THIS IS ROOTS. This is a rare opportunity to experience Ras Michael.

ROIR Records, 611 Broadway Ste 411, New York, NY, 10012

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