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Screeching Weasel


Panic Button/Lookout

Screeching Weasel

Screeching Weasel


Screeching Weasel is a re-issue of their first record from 1987, plus demos and unreleased old stuff. Raw, simplistic, and very derivative, I’d still take this in a heartbeat over the bland songs presented on their latest record, Emo . I want to believe these songs are a joke (a cover of the Cranberries’ “Linger”?!) to go along with the title, but I think they’re serious. Oh well. I didn’t care for the last couple SW albums, so I’m not exactly too surprised. I prefer their older, rougher punk rock stuff with energy. Thanks for the reissue.

Liberation Records, P.O. Box 17746, Anaheim, CA 92817; Panic Button, P.O. Box 148010, Chicago, IL 60614-8010

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