Shootyz Groove

Shootyz Groove

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Growing up, some of my favorite songs were the small handful creative enough to squeeze rock and rap together. These days, music is so much more diverse, and you won’t find that many albums that don’t borrow concepts from another genre in an attempt to enhance their own. With this album, I didn’t know what type of music my CD player would greet me with, but I was pleasantly surprised by a classical twisting of rock and rap mixed with just a touch of jazz, funk, and reggae to even it all out. Shootyz Groove creates their own style of music instead of being inspired by what works for another band. Even crazier, they’ve made this style so unique that other bands might listen a little too closely to their unusual tone.

This album also stands out for its overall positive message. Most hip-hop and rock blends tend to scream at the listener because it is easier to yell about how horrible life is, why cops suck, or who they want dead this week. SG instead offers up something worth singing about on “Easily” and “L Train.” This album isn’t weighed down with sex, violence, and harsh language, yet they don’t preach too much, either. They instead concentrate on beats that flow and lyrics that fit. I think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by great tracks like “Faithful,” “NYC Minute,” and “Blow Your Top.” It’s all-around entertaining and worth giving a listen to, although I must warn you, Shootyz Groove is quite contagious.

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