Skinnys 21

Skinnys 21

Skinnys 21

24 Hr. Service Station

Home is where you hang your hat, and the Tampa bay area has been most unfriendly to headgear since Home moved up to the Big City a few years ago. Fortunately, there wasn’t enough room to pack all of their legacy, which reverberates to this day and can be easily appreciated from the tones of the likes of Skinnys 21.

Like Home, Skinnys 21 appears to have no sonic manifesto, no business plan against which it compares its musical output for correctness and clearness of goal. A track like “Ditmars” sounds like a lost Dream Academy tracks, but it’s followed by the sloppy hooting of “Dumb in Dixie.” “Eat Candy” is the theme that the “bad kids” sing in some forgotten Disney movie. More and more mayhem ensues, answering machine greetings, live sets. etc. Skinnys 21 is completely experimental without degenerating into nonsensical chatter. Skinnys 21 is 100% genuine, and it’s refreshing to hear someone playing what they want to play, rather than what they think you want to hear.

24 Hr. Service Station, 644 Willow Heights Dr., Atlanta, GA 30328;

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