Halfway Down the Sky


Lead vocalist and songwriter Waymon Boone attributes his songwriting influence on this CD to David Bowie. The truth in that comparison resonates through his lyrics, emotionally complex and unattached to current trends, tailored to a personal suit–verses that resemble self-affirmations or degredations as it were. From “I Don’t Understand” [I open my mouth but/ there is nothing to swallow down/ I’m scratching my face like there’s/ something, farther down].

The album has a rage overtone yet incorporates enough melody and distinguishable rhythms within Marc Slutsky’s drums and Boone and Jonathan Svec’s guitars that each song beings its own unique offerings to the table.

Each song treats the listener to an unpredictability that has been missing in most ’90s modern rock tracks. Each track, not a carbon copy of the single, arriving with a slow and awaiting lead vocal… then the impending infusion of dual harmonic guitar and crystal-clear lead and backing vocals brings the passion of the lyrics to life. Songs like “Special” [Well first I chew you in/ And the I spit you out] believe it or not, actually resonate a positive energy in their “shout to the masses” appeal. Fans of heavy rock, melodic pop, and Euro-pop will find something special with this CD. Anyone who wants to find a forum to relinquish pent up frustrations, these songs are suitable to prescribe.

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