AUM Fidelity

Instead of terming this record “free jazz,” as is the tendency when describing improvised recordings that stand somewhere in the jazz tradition, I would call this “ecstatic jazz.” Test reach new levels of passion and intensity, and dazzle with their impressive technique without letting this CD degenerate into a contest of “who can skronk the hardest.” Sessions of such intensity and emotion deserve their own genres. This CD is separated from a good deal of its improvised ilk by the constant interweaving, diving, skronking, and singing by the front line. A variety of textures are created by the use of a variety of wind instruments; the alto and tenor sax, flute, clarinet and trombone.

The CD opens with “huhuhuH,” an epic adventure that throws us into the urban jungle of the New York City subway system, with it’s rapid fire statements, and graceful lyricisms. “Allen’s Flight Preparation” seems lithe and dexterous while compared to the devastating “Straightahead, Forward Motion.” “Bustin’ Outta de Chamber” starts out calm and slowly builds and releases tension multiple times within the track. “What R U Going 2 Due” has something I love in an intense session, but is rarely found: some quality ranting, raving, and yelling! This is quality, period. Catch them in a subway terminal near you.

AUM Fidelity, P.O. Box 170147, Brooklyn, NY 11217; http://www.aumfidelity.com

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