The Wiseguys

The Wiseguys

The Antidote


With the expanse of hip hop madness overflowing from U.S. shores, a rhythm heavy, smart sampling miniature British Invasion has been underway and retracking its path back to Mother America. The Wiseguys seem to be the latest entry in the Twentieth century edition of Who’s Who in Baggy Clothes and Cropped Hair. Although The Antidote keeps up with its contemporaries, it really doesn’t pass them up. Their transatlantic hit “Ooh La La” is alright at best, but don’t cry. There is light at the end of this smoking barrel. Selections like “Face the Flames” and “Searches End” are places Touche needs to explore in depth. Their potential will be limited by the number of commercials their music is used for. Recommended for humans worldwide!

Ideal Records, 2410 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027

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