Toe 2000

Toe 2000

Toe 2000


Pick of the month! I want everyone to know that I don’t like this record just because members of Tortoise contribute; in fact, I hate Tortoise. Toe 2000 has a fairly star-studded cast: Jeff Parker and Doug McCombs of Tortoise, David Pankovic of the Boxhead Ensemble, and future superstar Yoko Nage. From what I can gather, Toe 2000 is Pankovic’s brainchild and this record is the product of what must have been a magical three-day studio session. Toe 2000 is one of the more refreshing records I have heard in some time. It’s completely unhurried music that embraces duality — electronic and organic, ambient minimalism and bastard groove. Toe 2000 has a split personality like Batman’s archenemy Two-Face. Nine one-word songs, not one bit of filler. Nage’s vocal performance is flawless, becoming almost an instrument in and of itself. Hey boys, quit your day jobs. Now.

Atavistic, P.O. Box 578266, Chicago, IL 60657;

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