Our Day Will Come


This is what I remember of the first Tree album I heard (titled Plant a Tree or Die ): militant environmentalist, marijuana endorsing, Pantera- sounding Boston hardcore. The militancy is still there (song = “Ammunition”), environmental concern (“Pesticide”), and the Pantera is still there, too. Not really as tough as they used to be, though. There’s some trippy guitar noodling on a lot of these songs, if you like that kind of stuff. On a side point, I don’t know if they meant it, but their song “V.O.C.” (in which they sing “I’m a victim of chance…”) is actually a pretty bad air pollutant by the name of Volatile Organic Compounds. These are injected into the atmosphere as unburned Reactive Hydrocarbons (basically, your car doesn’t burn all the fossil fuel you put in it). Just a little lesson for those non-scientist types out there.

Wonderdrug Records, P.O. Box 995, Boston, MA 02123

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