Big in Mexico/Grande en Mexico


This independent release by a hillbilly/punk band from Atlanta has been making waves on the national scene, and deservedly. These guys have a sound somewhere between X and Dumptruck. And in case you don’t dig those bands, the sheer sincerity of the music and themes here will grab the listener by the ears as Truckadelic holds on for a rough ride. Songs like “Hey Bitch,” “All Fucked Up (And I Wish I Wasn’t),” and “Jesus Has Got Call Waiting” impress with their honest take on life in the warped lane. As guitars fight for wailing distortion space, the singer bemoans God putting him on speakerphone and belittling his personal dilemma. On “Possum Holler,” singer Ted Weldon carps about a stinky dead critter that’s smelling up the vicinity. A tender, twangy, nearly country music moment, the song “Love’s a Dying Art,” chronicles the twice-bitten wisdom of one who’s seen love’s dark side. There’s no mistaking the less tender sentiments of “Cadillac,” where the main character implores the girl to “…bring my Cadillac back,” or the sheer bile of “Fuck You,” a short ditty wherein the hero takes the girl, puts her in his veins, then the spell wears off. A turnaround occurs again when the punk rock stylings are shed for a lonely country twanger named, “She’s Breaking My Heart (While I’m Drinking Her Beer).” The singer laments, “She won’t be my lover, but she’ll buy me another.” Ah, the dilemma of not knowing if the object of your affections returns them. All in all, a fine country-punk-rock effort.

Truckadelic, 2058 Bouldercrest Road, Atlanta, GA 30316;

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