Y2K: Beat The Clock

Y2K: Beat The Clock

Various Artists


As the technological apocalypse looms nearer, carpet baggers are seducing the unsuspecting with gimmicks for protecting their best interests. Music companies, have you no shame? Y2K: Beat The Clock is a compilation of contemporary electro types and their freaky beats. The ridiculous “Rockafeller Skank” by Fatboy Slim, “Busy Child” by the Crystal Method and “Out of Space” by The Prodigy have graced, I’d guess, a zillion compilations projects before. Move over rover. The Lo Fidelity Allstars hammer “Blisters On My Brain” to provide some new material for this release. Oh yeah, they try to dress up a classic ’70s piece of crap and it backfires. It still is a piece of crap! It seems bad taste and greediness always manages to reinvent itself no matter what the crisis. Save the money it took to exploit the masses and give some deserving artist the chance to change the world…

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