All Boys School of Ballet

All Boys School of Ballet

presents Robin Hood

Performance Space Orlando

OK, let’s grant that God is all powerful in the present world. But, does that mean he doesn’t answer to a still higher power in his own meta-universe? Such as his mom? Is Earth nothing more than the forgotten remains of a terrarium, a science fair project of such enormous magnitude that not even Carl Sagan could conceive of it? Is Peter Johnson, of doubly phallic moniker and ultimate bastard, the inadvertent possessor of the Ultimate Key to Universal Happiness and the True Word of God, complete with copyright? Where the heck are Friar Tuck and Maid Marian?

Ask David Kosen (the soft, doughy guy) or Jonathan Vick (the angular, emaciated one). They explain all in the dramatic, intensely reasoned dramatic reading of the hour-long short story “Clotting the Hemorrhage, or The Day God’s Mother Told Him to Clean His Room.” Expecting a bunch of guys in tights jete-ing and pas-de-deux-ing across the stage, embarrassing not only themselves but the audience, none of my friends, not even the tree-hugging liberals, would come along. Well, they should have. The ABSOB boys pack more pseudo English wit and humor into a tutu than any other similarly named group in Orlando, bar none. They even can dance a little, and make an audience giggle very, very hard.

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