The Living End

The Living End

Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta, GA • 7/29/99

Little did I know that the first band I saw at Warped would be my fave all day. This trio of Aussies has been opening for the Offspring, which might be a tough sell, given that the Living End plays a sort of punkabilly. But unlike a group like the Cramps, who accentuate the camp aspect of such a meeting, the Living End sound more like a ’77-era band who happened to have listened to a lot of rockabilly. Visually, the stand-up bass and big beauty of a Gretsch immediately conjure up the Stray Cats, but a sped-up, punked-up version of rockabilly comes out musically. They also showed a sense of humor and some inventiveness with an amphetamined version of “Tainted Love,” with a jazzy yet speedy guitar solo. Yay! These guys rock and are worthy of your support. Their eponymous American debut is currently out on Reprise, and I’m looking for it!

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