This is Phillip from Skinnys 21. I wanted to thank you for the great review! A friend down in Miami called me to tell me about it, and the Borders in Ft Lauderdale where the cover artist works has ordered 10 more copies because of your review.

There is one snag, though. Unfortunately, the label listed has done nothing to help us at all. If anyone reading the review goes to their site, they will find nothing about us. However, we have a bang-up site where we sell our CDs at:

Maybe a coming issue, you could mention the location of our label and say look for Skinnys 21 there or something. It is here:

It is our goal to at least sell one CD from there before 2000. Also, sign our guestbook. As you know, the rewards are few and far between, so all that stuff is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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