Economics Lesson

This message is for all you dim wits who write in and do not have a clue or even know one. THIS MAGAZINE MAKES MONEY WHEN IT SELLS ADVERTISING OR SUBSCRIPTIONS, OK? GET IT? That money is used to print the fucker!!!!

THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE THIS MAGAZINE HAVE DAY GIGS, THAT IS HOW THEY PAY THEIR BILLS AND EAT AND BUY CHRISTMAS GIFTS AND SHIT LIKE THAT AND SO ON AND SO FORTH! Ink Nineteen is a beautiful thang, baby!!! So if you fucks out there in neverneverland can build a better one, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! I dare you.

Hey James , I just wanna tell you that I really dig Zappa for being a mutant. That’s my reason. OK, take care and good job

P.S. Punk rock means getting the job done!!!

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Julio Diaz responds: Yeah, what Harry said!

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