Why2K Links

Why2K Links

The Year 2000 Information Center

The Year 2000 Information Center “provides a forum for disseminating information about the year 2000 problem, also called the Millennium Bug, and for the discussion of possible solutions.” Probably for a price…

Revenge of the COBOL Programmers!

Ha-ha funny joke page. Lots of links to humor about this dread problem.

Gary North’s Y2K Links and Forums

” The Year 2000 Problem: The Year the Earth Stands Still” This is THE ultimate Y2K freakout site, and it is the only non-commercial media web site that’s genuinely updated daily. Gary North, Ph.D. is the ONLY person who can save the world from Y2K and even he has headed for the hills! And he better stay there, ‘coz if he’s a false prophet, there’ll be a price on his head.

The Center for Y2K and Society

“…works with nonprofit organizations and foundations to respond to the serious societal impacts resulting from the Y2K computer problem.”

Big-time paranoia-inducing site well-camouflaged as a liberal puke think tank. Your brain may turn to mush, beware!

Citizens for a Stable Community

Making the Year 2000 Safe for Pinellas County, Florida. Looks like a bunch of genuinely concerned citizens to me…

No Airbags

“The information systems community is heading toward an event more devastating than a car crash. We are heading toward the Year 2000.”

JP Morgan’s take on the whole thing and the only commercial finance corporation link we’ll include, unless those companies will pay us through the nose for advertising. Written in 1996, this should strike fear in everyone involved in one way or another with the stock market. Yikes! Of course, there are more than 50,000 car crashes a year in the United States alone and plenty of people survive. Some even get a new car out of the deal…

The Fat Lady is Singing!

“US Stocks on FULL CRASH ALERT! Stay Tuned for the Great Bear Market!” Just remember that most poker hands are won with a pair…

Mil Int

Take a look at what the U.S. Army REALLY has to say about this nonsense.


“The focus of the TexasY2K site is the Texas business community and the inter-dependencies among the businesses, government and the broader “communities at large” in which Texas businesses operate. It is generally not intended for information sharing and collaboration on personal Y2K preparedness.” Everything’s big in Texas.

21st Century Food Storage

Y2K Food and Water Storage Solutions. THE VERY BEST FREEZE DRIED AND DEHYDRATED LONG TERM STORABLE FOODS AVAILABLE IN CANS.” Sounds yummy. Just make sure you pay in cash, gold is best, and hide your food well.

The Year 2000 Nightmare.

“The Year 2000 is just around the corner, and its threatening arrival has put the whole Information Technology industry go gaga for what is being heralded as a disaster of the millennium. Because everybody, regardless of any business, agency, institution or person using computers will be going out of business. Unless they are fixed…they would come to halt. ” Slick-looking site.

You Said It!

“2000 Aware limited do not endorse or represent the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of any information (whether statements of opinion or advice or otherwise) provided on or by means of this web site. Statements made in forums, conferences or chats reflect only the view of their authors. Advice received via the web site should not be relied on for important personal, financial or business decisions, and you should consult an appropriate professional for advice which is specifically tailored to your particular circumstances.”

All this and an odd “I agree/disagree” link that reminds me of a porn site entrance I saw while looking over a the shoulder of a coworker (who was instantly fired after I turned him in for surfing adult sites).


“Fear will spread amongst the sheeple [“sheep’ + “people”], who are not used to living without electricity, clean running water, Oprah, credit cards, ATM’s, banks etc. Looting will begin when upstanding, but hungry, citizens see that the looters are having a field day, they too will be tempted to join the crowd.” Ahhh, a public information site with my best interests in mind!

Upside-down Under

If you have the misfortune to live in Australia, land of 1984, here’s a great site with a full-blown risk analysis of what to do on 1 January 2000. Many opportunities to take statements out of context were passed up by the Features Editor!

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Chat with other losers, er, “concerned netizens,” about this crock, er, “vital issue.” Man, that’s a long time to download…

Good Advice

Some guy named Justin Case will provide for all your needs, at his price: “And don’t overlook the solar electric option. For the cost of that new car you were going to buy your teenage driver you can be generally assured of having electrical power for a minimum of 25 years regardless of what happens to the power grid. And you’ll never have to pay the power company another penny even if the grid does stay up. It’s a win – win situation.” On the other hand, new car these days costs at least $15 grand. You could buy a lot of guns and ammo with $15,000 and take your neighbor’s stuff (you never did like them, did you? And who says we have to share?!)

The Profit$ of Doom

Ahh, the voice of reason: “Of course it may be purely coincidence, but I can’t help noting that the people who are the most agitated about the disaster potential of Y2K just happen to be the same ones selling dehydrated food, bottled water, survival supplies, books, tapes… Of course, the promoters of Y2K paranoia products will be more than willing to accept their cash, check, or money order right up until the stroke of midnight on December 31.”

Center For Millennial Studies

“The Y2K Computer problem, known variously as a time-bomb, a cancer, a giant bug, or a big hoax, poses an interesting problem for observers of millennialism. On the one hand, it is often seen as a purely technological problem, created and to be solved by techies, an issue with no religious significance of any kind — a purely coincidental “year 2000″ problem. On the other, it connects at odd but compelling angles with millennialism broadly defined, and deserves our attention…”


The Worldwide Institute for the Preservation of Everything. Take part in their Millennium Stocktake!

Jayne Loader’s Public Shelter

Rational thoughts about mass hysteria from the pinko slackers who brought us the Atomic Cafe.

The Y2K Hoax: Myth or Mayhem

“Y2K Is Already Here: The most obvious problem with the Y2K bug is the fact the Year 2000 is already being factored in various computer calculations. The only connection computers have to the concept of time is what we program into them. If we were going to have a Y2K meltdown it would have already started. Things like insurance policies, bonds, product expiration dates, budget outlays, repair schedules, driver licenses, credit cards, and a host of planning programs are all currently using dates that stretch past the year 2000. The simple fact we’re not constantly hearing about one computer system after another going crazy should tell us the problem is apparently rather limited in scope. If most cash registers are currently accepting credit cards with expiration dates that go beyond the new millennium, it’s hard to argue that they’ll fail to do so when the year 2000 arrives.”

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