Battalion of Saints A.D.

Battalion of Saints A.D.



Quick, tight raging “oldschool” hardcore. Hey! This album is nearly four years old! I hope it didn’t languish in the “bins” all this time waiting for someone to pick it up for a review! Thirteen songs, all hardcore blitzkriegs. Let’s see what they’re about…

“My New Low” — must be the opposite of “high.” “Do it Again” — song about girls. “Freedom,” anti-government song (actually it’s an anti-oppressive government song). “I Don’t Like You” — must be a love song. No, it’s really about what the protagonist will do to you if you don’t leave! Let’s see, ohh, here’s one called “Protect & Serve,” I bet it’s about cops… Yup. Cops suck because they, well, suck! Let’s see what else, “Biowarfare,” that’s about the evils of biological weapons. How about this one: “Jack Shack.” Oh, gee, I don’t want to talk about that one… There’s more here for the taking, hardcore fans.

Taang!, 706 Pismo Ct., San Diego, CA 92109

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