Cave In

Cave In

Creative Eclipses EP


Once, a band called Cave In really showed the kids what metal core could be. Furious even while it was melodic, destructive even while it was hurt… This EP is not that same band. Same members, same name, different approach entirely. Bear with me here for some editorial, but I think this band should have changed names. This CD is great, it rarely leaves my player in my car. But it isn’t Cave In, and I think this band is going to succumb to their fans feeling deceived, which is the quickest way in indie rock/hardcore to lose people.

The songs on this CD are tight and interesting, futurist rock ‘n roll if you will. The three main songs, “Luminance,” “Magnified,” and “Burning Down the Billboards” are a definite cross section. “Luminance” is a mid tempo rock song. “Magnified” is a cover of Failure, one of my favorite bands of all time. “Burning Down…” is an acoustic ballad about the images society force feeds us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Oh, and of course, the rather destructive need to burn them down.

Between the songs are little noise tracks. Space filler or artistic vision? You decide… All I know is this, when bands take a complete about-face in direction, they almost always put ambient tracks between their songs…think about it.

Like I said before, this CD is always in my CD player. Why? Because it’s good. Really good. But if you are expecting “Beyond Hypothermia 2” or even something similar, buy the new Converge.

HydraHead Records, PO Box 998248, Boston, MA 02199;

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