Live at the Key Club


I don’t understand it, but the babes at hair “metal” shows are always the hottest. My lack of understanding comes from the fact that the POSER bands are really ugly. Frontman Tommy Kiefer ought to bottle his secret and forget about selling rock and roll for a living…

Anyway, I’m not into Cinderella, Bon Jovi’s “discovery” — for which we are all thankful, right? But I do know when to recognize a good tune here and there, no matter who’s playing it. There’s only one and a half songs on this fourteen-song live recording that I like. “The More Things Change” counts as one, and “Somebody Save Me” counts as the extra half. The rest of ’em simply do not register. Hey, if you’re a fan, they do “Nobody’s Fool” and “Push, Push.” Excited? Hey, they got a web site…

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