Division of Labor

The Music Cartel

Emo-metalcore: sounds a bit like butt-fucking, or at least painful sex, right? Well, such a transaction can be enjoyable, and Codeseven’s Division of Labor is the exemplary love-child of this.

On one side of the fence you have the emo boy: soothing and sensitive ex-choir boy vocals, cathartic song structures, twinkly clean-guitar interludes, and breakdowns ripe for the requisite clutch-your-backpack-and-sway-back-and-forth. On the other side you have the metalcore kid: stuttering stomp-rhythms, scowlingly mad screaming (two dudes, no less), the obligatory speed metal part or two, and enough chugga-chugga to get a choo-choo train roaring.

So, over the course of Division of Labor , one of the aforementioned jumps over the proverbial fence and madly shags the other, in both cases being oh-so-sweaty…and did I mention enjoyable ? Yes, if Division of Labor was a book, it probably would be The Joy of Sex – but it’s still all about the kids, mind you. Shag on!

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