del rey

del rey



When I saw “art rock” in the promo paper, I cringed. And, sure enough, it delivered on its promise. Heavy, self-important sounding techno that really doesn’t get up off its ass and go anywhere. Except track two, which, after two full minutes of trying to decide what the hell it’s doing, plumps for some pretty snappy stuff that could actually qualify for inclusion in the soundtrack for a surf video. The rest of it probably qualifies as soundtrack material too, but just for some other kinda movie. Maybe a cheapie b/w sci-fi bomb from the Fifties or something. You know, that weird-ass background kinda music that plays when the beautiful blonde decides to go out into the woods and investigate the peculiar sounds coming from over there in them trees.

Brendan Daly, 1426 W. Walton #3F, Chicago, IL 60622;

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