Drain STH

Drain STH

Freaks of Nature

MVG/Def Jam

If I wasn’t married, I would sell my belongings and follow this band around. If you have not seen a picture of this band, they consist of four hot chicks that rock hard. Hailing from England, these broads sound very reminiscent to Dirt -era Alice in Chains. Which is not a bad thing. All fantasies aside, I like their music. I know this sounds sexist, but I have never heard, or thought, a female band could sound this heavy.

Back to their looks. The guitar player has a tongue that would make Gene Simmons proud. You, too, will be impressed by their looks, but the bottom line is that this is a good album and should be bought because of that. Concerts are for shouting the sexist remarks with hopes that you will be invited to the after-show party. And we all know what happens after rock shows, don’t we? Hey, I wonder if women rock stars whore themselves around like male rock stars? If only I was single.

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