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As the old artistic aphorism goes, if you’re not going to do something original, at least do it well. Such is the case with Godgory’s third album, Resurrection .

Essentially a two-man studio band, Godgory walks the not-so-narrow bridge between early Tiamat and modern My Dying Bride: symphonic arrangements, somber acoustic interludes, majestic keyboard lines, and death-metalled guitars and grunts. As derivative as this construct may be, Resurrection oozes with power, its songs as cathartic as they are crunching. And fond of crunching Godgory is, occasionally whipping up an old-school Swedish fever ala early Entombed, 4/4 tempos, Sunlight Studios-esque production and all. This development nonetheless still smacks of derivation, but it’s still a damn (nay, doom ) good time any way you cut it. Hey, give Godgory a break – after all, they did start out as a cover band (Grave and Entombed tunes, natch!).

Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106; http://www.nuclearblast-usa.com

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