Hash Jar Tempo

Hash Jar Tempo

Under Glass

Drunken Fish

This collaboration between Bardo Pond and New Zealander Roy Montgomery is about what you would expect coming from these Terrastock-friendly artists. For those poor souls not “in the know,” there is a lot of good music out there that has no beginning, middle or end. Or melodies. Or words. Some would say that leaves scant little to be defined as music. Not so. Less a collection of “songs” than a collection of sonic soundscapes built around drone guitar, ambient pulsing and delirious feedback runs. Guitars become strangled flutes, disturbed violins and the entire experience leaves you both drained and intrigued. If you enjoy music you can under no circumstances dance to, check this out.

Drunken Fish Records, P.O. Box 460640, San Francisco, CA 94146; http://www.sirius.com/~dfr

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