You wouldn’t know it by listening to this way-posthumous self-released disc, but Hopscotch were once one of Tampa’s most popular and respected ska bands. I’m not sure if it’s the perspective of hearing most of these tunes for the first time since the band’s breakup nearly two years ago, or if it’s just a bad recording, but this disc does very little to show what people got so excited about. In fact, it sounds like half-finished demos (which may be what it is, since the band broke up in the midst of recording these tracks). If you’re wondering what the hoopla was, this CD ain’t gonna tell ya. If you liked the band when they were around, this might be worth picking up — but then again, you might be better off with your memories.

Hopscotch, 35 Aegean Ave., Tampa, FL 33606; skawebe@aol.com

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