Honest Don’s

Limp’s liner notes didn’t tell me a whole lot about the band, so I couldn’t understand why any self-respecting band would name themselves a word that I equate with a flaccid penis. Nor was I sure why they would call their album Guitarded , which they define as “lacking the knowledge or ability to create harmonious or melodic sound patterns” and “musically unsound or inept.” What was the story behind all that? Were they really that insecure and wanted to be the first to admit that they sucked? Were they trying to be “punk” in their self-depreciation? Or were they just being silly and really knew that they were a good band? I wondered about all that. The words “Limp” and “Guitarded” alone were enough to keep me from wanting to listen to the album at all, but I gave it a chance. Good thing I did.

Limp is a good name for this band: there’s nothing hard about the music. The songs on this album aren’t “musically unsound or inept.” They’re actually melodic and catchy, and while the songs do lean more towards pop than hard, fast punk, I still got a little rise out of Limp.

Honest Dons, P.O. Box 192027, San Francisco, CA 94119-2027

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