Mammoth Volume

Mammoth Volume

Mammoth Volume

The Music Cartel

Long synonymous with a raging and fertile death metal scene, Sweden appears to be pumping out rock ‘n’ roll bands right and left. Counting rock-solid monsters as the Hellacopters and Gluecifer among its ranks, Sweden can now add another worthy chugger to its r ‘n’ r landscape: Mammoth Volume.

Mammoth Volume , the band’s debut album, chugs like that distinct point when the late ’60s gave way to the early ’70s; more specifically, when the MC5 handed the torch to Deep Purple. And that’s pretty much the point where Mammoth Volume lies: boogie-down rhythms, downtuned guitars, ad infinitum grooves, and melodies as accessible as they are flag-burning. With an education such as this, the album is conspicuously devoid of blazing guitar solos. Following this line of logic, it would also seem a given that vocalist Jorgen Andersson would be of the rabble-rousing variety; albeit spot-on tuneful, he instead maintains something of a toked-up, fade-into-the-ether presence that, in this context, is nonetheless plausible. One minor drawback to Mammoth Volume is the hippie-dippy excursions, which, although infrequent, are essentially more misguided than they are deliciously languid.

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