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Tooth and Nail

These Christian pop-punkers have been around a while now, and it is no surprise. They play the pop with the punk about as well as can be done. I think the ratio of girls to guys who listen to them is about 70:30. Really, a lot of girls love these guys. What’s a decent guy to do with all these ladies hounding ya? I once had a chance with this girl… we were to go see MXPX (her favorite band at the time) who were playing at a church in Tampa. And my ride to the show fell through… and I never saw her again. That’s a sort of true story. I don’t really know if she liked me, but nevertheless. This was recorded live in Philadelphia and D.C. It’s a good starter for those who don’t have the old stuff. And it is produced, engineered, and mixed by real live Descendents Bill Stevenson and Steve Egerton.

Tooth And Nail Records, P.O. Box 12698, Seattle, WA 98111-4698

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