My Favorite

My Favorite

Love at Absolute Zero

Double Agent

The problem with most “new wave” stations is that they seem to pick their music out of a small portion of all the music to come out of the Eighties, This is not necessarily a new phenomenon; classic rock radio does the same with the Seventies, and even oldies stations would rather stick to those Sixties hits you’ve heard a million times before. Is the music of the time so shallow and cliched, or is it just the small selection?

My Favorite revisit a lot of the signature sounds of the mid-Eighties, as they seamlessly blend keyboards and emotional vocals (both male and female) around a gently chiming guitar structure. The band sounds instantly familiar, yet bring out something totally new. An interesting oxymoron — post-retro. For top-notch nostalgia, turn off the radio and slip this in.

Double Agent Records, Box 400082, Cambridge, MA 02140;

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