Doorway to Norway

Amazing Grease

What the hell are these people singing about? What is it about this guy’s glove, flying all over the place all Yellow Submarine like? Oh. It’s called “Mike Love, Not War.” The flashing purple afterlights of Yellow Submarine remain however, as Oranger spew out psychedelic pop like it was tap water. The trio warbles through the opening “Mike Love” only to end squarely in Moog-and-fuzz land, “Eggtooth,” a noddy place where even the simplest ditty sounds catchy again. “Jettset Traveler” is a supremely gritty British Invasion/Byrds number. The almost-closing “This Snake Will Kill You” is a loving mellotron tribute to you-know-who, ending with George Martin-like supreme orchestral noise. I’m keeping my eye on this one.

Amazing Grease Records, 1501 Plymouth St., San Francisco, CA 94112-1244;

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