Middle of Nowhere


At the first couple of listens, I really didn’t like where this album was going. It had no real direction. Its beats weren’t slamming enough, the bass lines weren’t in my face enough. The repetition wasn’t there. Now, after my sixth time listening, I am sold. The jungle beats are as intelligent as they come, using a live drummer in all of the songs. There are also some ethereal vocals scattered lightly across the whole album.

The songs change constantly and the beginnings aren’t the same as the ends. Every song has it’s own feel, each being creative and different from the other. Orbital has been releasing full lengths for ten years now, and every one is a milestone for techno. They encompass all the intelligence of programming of the new and old technology. Electronic music fans, it’s a must.

FFRR, 225 Lafayette St., Suite 603, New York, NY 10012

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