Progression Session 4

Progression Session 4

Various Artists

Good Looking

Once again, LTJ Bukem brings home the bacon. Well actually, he just delivers another great Progression Sessions compilation. The music is fantastic and very ethereal while still having that very intelligent Drum and Bass feel. LTJ’s mixes are smooth and the sound quality is impeccable. MC Conrad’s voice raps over the entire compilation. He is using all new lyrics that come in on beat (which is a big improvement from Promised Land ), which is refreshing, but… I can personally do without Conrad rapping through every song and in every break. He takes my attention off the music (which is the whole reason I would buy the CD) and puts it on his voice. So to be frank, if you like Conrad, you’ll definitely be into the music. If you are as tired of Conrad as I, you probably should just buy the vinyl.

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