Schneider TM

Schneider TM



This is the musical equivalent of the Trojan Horse. Presented as ritualistic repetitions of basic motifs, Schneider TM (aka Dirk Dresselhaus, he’s German, figures) contains the sort of musical seed that hatches into full-blown craving by the time the record is done. Like trees whizzing by on the highway, each beat presents something similar but not quite identical. The two chords that form the foundation of “Masters” are soon complemented by other instruments, all compelled to interpret the mood of that organ warble in completely different ways. “Up-Tight” starts out with one rhythm then changes everything just by shifting the accent one beat back. Not sure what Schneider TM (named after the best superintendent in televisionland!) has in mind here, but I’m greatly enjoying their geeky music math.

Mute Records, 140 W. 22nd Street, Suite 10A, New York, NY 10011;

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