Dub terrorist Mick Harris strikes again with another monster of a disc. This is a compilation of unreleased and rare tracks from 1994-1997. This album stays very cohesive because, frankly, Scorn tracks don’t sound very dissimilar. Highlighted on this album is a Peel Session done while Nicholas Bullen was still in the band. The elusive Scorn track for the Feardrop 3″ is here, as is the Coil remix on the Ellipsis 5×12″ set. I think the keyword to be used when discussing Scorn is BIG. Everything about the band is big. The beats are always crushing. The basslines are deep and thick. The textures fill the room. Over the course of the disc, you can see Mick Harris becoming more experimental in his approach to Scorn. The tracks near the end of the disc place a special emphasis on the textures and effects. The beats roll on by and the suddenly a sound jumps out of the mix. Then there is the stark “Beat 2 Mix,” which will bore a hole in your skull. In short, this disc is fine assemblage of Scorn tracks, equally suited to the uninitiated and the experienced dub terrorist.

Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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