If you just bought Self’s latest album, Breakfast With Girls , hold on just a minute. Initially, that release was supposed to include this 3-song EP shrink-wrapped to it, but they weren’t ready yet. They are now. Word is they’re in the stores by the time you’re reading this. These three songs contain even more jazzy mega-quirk than Self’s usual powerpacked pop salvos.

“Fliptop Box” introduces samples and beats to us that just get wierder and cooler around every plentiful turn. “Crashing Parties” is a space lounge spaced-out synth-o-rama with a melody that weaves around like a snakecharmer’s drunk snake. XTC postcards galore in “Happy Accidents,” where Self packs twenty of their years into four of his own minutes — including some of Andy Partridge’s sarcastic music business attitude.

Watch for a vinyl edition which will include two more extra tracks. Then even more as mp3 downloads from But right now, Brunch is a tasty dessert after Breakfast With Girls , and well worth any extra search.

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