Songs: Ohia

Songs: Ohia

Axxess & Aces

Secretly Canadian

After a couple listens this album got lost in the shuffle at the office. The songs have haunted me ever since. I was thrilled to come across it again the other day. You know how it is when something that fits so right is lost? Me, too. And from listening to this I would guess so does Jason Molina, the man responsible for these songs. Acoustic music laden with so much palpable texture, atmosphere, and emotion as to be unforgettable. Great songwriting, a strong voice, and soul and style to make it all so tangible. There are drums underneath and some other sounds make their way through the mix, but the biggest impression is made by Jason’s voice, lyrics, and emotion. A gem, happily unearthed again.

Secretly Canadian Records, 1703 N. Maple St., Bloomington, IN 47404;

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