The Aluminum Group

The Aluminum Group


Minty Fresh

Somewhere, there’s a perfectly paneled home by the woods on the distant edge of a megalopolis. Inside, two perfectly paneled people are sitting on a white velvet sofa, listening to this thing. A breeze stirs outside and by chance a bit of leaf is blown under the front door, onto the perfectly paneled carpet. The couple’s evening of serious talk about the Amazon rainforest and environmental degradation is destroyed by the bit of organic matter intruding upon their ever-so-well constructed evening. Immediately, conversation is halted as the Man gets off the sofa and banishes the leaf to its proper resting place in the lidded trash bin. The carpet breathes a sigh of relief. The Aluminum Group soothes on and life is restored to its perfectly paneled state of equilibrium.

Barf. Slow. Wordy. Pretentious. Not particularly well played. Who needs it?

Minty Fresh, P.O. Box 577400, Chicago, IL 60657;

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