The Aluminum Group

The Aluminum Group


Minty Fresh

Wussy rock of a most delicate and pastel variety. The Aluminum Group recruits boffo draws like Sally Timms (Mekons), Sean O’Hagan (Stereolab/High Llamas), and Chicago avant-rust pioneers like Jim O’Rourke (who also produced), Doug McCombs and Edith Frost, yet retains a solid identity despite the recognizable touches like O’Hagan’s rainwater banjo. On “Rrose Selavy’s Valise,” the opening ten-minute opus, you’ll flash back to the days when men wore mascara and carefully affected a gaunt look, and quickly flash forward again as The Aluminum Group shift gears into a modern jazzy interlude. “Two Bit Faux Construction” is a condemnation of modern life, set to a catchy beat bedecked with brassy cacophony.

Minty Fresh, P.O. Box 577400, Chicago, IL 60657;

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