The Hot Club of Cowtown

The Hot Club of Cowtown

Tall Tales


If rosin were flammable, violinist Elana Fremerman would be charged with arson. With Whit Smith smoothly comping guitar chords behind her and Billy Horton pounding down the bass like he was trying to finish with the roofing nails before the thunderstorm, The Hot Club of Cowtown lives up to its name. Sporting originals amidst folk pieces like “I Can’t Tame Wild Women” and “Draggin’ The Bow,” and even a couple of Bob Wills tracks, among others, the Hot Club of Cowtown easily shows their knack for writing a timeless tune. This is the real deal, without additives or preservatives, and if you find it without a beat that makes you move your feet, well pardner, then it’s time you get back to your Gap ad.

Hightone Records, 220 4th St. #101, Oakland, CA 94607;

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