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The Impossibles

Anthology (Fueled By Ramen). Review by Andrew Chadwick

The Impossibles


Fueled By Ramen

It was painful news to hear that The Impossibles had broken up. Branded as the Weezer of ska, there was some glorious truth to that. Bass, drums, two guitars, vocals, no horns, all hooks, The Impossibles wrote super-catchy songs filled with pop sense and great vocal harmonies with lyrics that begged for singing along and rhythms demanding you shake it. And punchy enough to rock out a bit. Yeah, they will be missed.

This includes their full-length from 1996, the Back 4 the Attack EP from 1997, three demo songs from 1995, and two songs recorded after the EP. The demo songs were very cool to hear as they were a raw hint of what was to come. Good songs, too. The last two songs I could have done without (a cover of “Ben” by The Jackson 5 and “White Christmas”) but I suppose having them on here ties things up neatly. And hell, they’re at the end.

Fueled By Ramen Records, P.O. Box 12563, Gainesville, FL 32604;

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