The Lures

The Lures

When I Was Broken

Ten 23

The Lures don’t really provide too much to complain about. They’re slightly melodic at times, and never really break out in anything too cacophonous or wildly distorted to truly dislike. Yet, through their muddy guitars, typical indie-rock song structures, and bland, passive, dry male vocals, there isn’t an amazingly large amount to praise, either.

Granted, a few of the tracks on When I Was Broken are slightly catchy, despite a singular solid hook, but the nine tunes on the album float by the listener without ever really giving much of a reason to stay. Just another unenthusiastic album packed full with sad songs and quasi-thoughtful one-liners, the Lures have created an album that isn’t very hard to listen to, but isn’t quite captivating enough to desire listening again. In a word, they’re just rather boring.

Ten 23 Records, 853 Broadway, Suite 1401, New York, NY 10003

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