The Maccabees

The Maccabees

Songs From The Weakest Link EP

New Granada

So many talented groups break up with the members never being heard from again, so I was thrilled when I heard about the Maccabees forming. Susie Richardson, Keith Ulrey, and Matt Slate comprised three-fourths of Tampa-based Pohgoh, and Chris Deininger was in Chester. They are now all playing together as the Maccabees, taking a direction that should be quite familiar to fans of Pohgoh. Well, live at least…

The songs on this EP are songs that were written by Susie after Pohgoh broke up. She had plans to record these herself, but others heard it and expressed interest in playing on the record. They ended up a band. The songs on here are Susie’s, though, and are a couple shades lighter than how the band comes across live. Very pretty and tender, a sweet blend of instruments and Susie’s golden voice. Six beautiful pop songs that are as wonderful as I could hope for, falling somewhere near Ida territory. They have grown a lot since this release already as a band, so be aware that seeing them live means seeing a bit more of that power and rock that propelled Pohgoh along. And if you’ve seen them live, understand why this is maybe a bit more delicate. Added treats are nice embossed packaging and guest vocals from Harold Hasselback of Hankshaw on “McDougan.” Get this and see them play! $7 postpaid.

New Granada Records, P.O. Box 291044, Tampa, FL 33687-1044

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