Today is the Day

Today is the Day

In the Eyes of God


Man, you want to talk about one of the most frightening sounding bands in the universe, Today is the Day has made such and incredible changeover to the blackest of Black Metal bands in history!

All I can think of is stories with bad and/or disturbing endings. I mean films like Mark of the Devil or maybe a stomach-wrenching Civil War story by Ambrose Bierce. Today is the Day don’t necessarily scream, groan or even “caw.” These songs come from something so deep, so tortured, so — so, skin turned inside out hatred…

Yet there are erotic overtones as well! The title track sets the pace with its last gasp scream at life, sure, but “Spotting A Unicorn” is about sex, sex with demons, maybe… “The Color of Psychic Power,” “Bionic Cock,” “Who is the Black Angel,” and “There Is NO End” all have sexual overtones. And how could I leave out “The Russian Child Porn Ballet”? Considering it’s five lines worth of abuse directed at someone, it’s possible… “The Cold Harshness of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life” is a mini Book of Job, only the rant is directed at Lucifer. It’s terrifying and then some.

They managed to put twenty tracks on this… Today is the Day must have a frustration index the size of Texas to last that long.

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